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Local and Long Distance Telephone Services

Providing residential and business local and long distance telephone service as well as toll free numbers at competitive prices – all with the convenience of one bill.

800 Numbers


9.9 cents per minute with a $3.00 monthly fee


6.9 cents per minute based on volume usage and multiple services discounts, plus $3.00 monthly

Outside Continental US

These rate plans apply to calls made within the Continental United States only.

Calls made to areas outside the Continental United States are as follows:

Alaska – 26¢ per minute

Canada – 17¢ per minute

Hawaii – 26¢ per minute

Mexico – 36¢ per minute

International Rates by Country

Enhanced Calling Features:

Providing over 30 Enhanced Calling Features for business and residential customers.

Business Telephone Equipment & Service:

Providing customizable business telephone equipment sales, accessories and service. Whether you need three phones or 30, we can build a telephone system to fit your needs and budget. Installation and maintenance services are available.

Wiring and Maintenance:

Providing residential wiring installation and maintenance services.

UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE: This service is for residential voice usage only. The Unlimited Plan cannot be used for long distance access to the Internet, or for business purposes, telemarketing or autodialing, for connection to the Internet, for other data service (including a significant amount of facsimile transmissions or data usage per month) or for any other use that does not involve a person-to-person conversation or voice message. The Unlimited Plan only applies to the telephone line on which the plan is assigned. Other restrictions may apply. If it is determined that the customer’s usage is not within the average usage of the average TCW residential voice customers, TCW reserves the right to move a customer off this plan to an alternative plan.

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